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Our Big Game tours 

8 hours of pure fishing adventure on La Gomera

ein marlin fisch la gomera

The sea of La Gomera is still partly untouched and full of big predators . On the second smallest Canary Island there are currently only very few providers who offer professional Big Game fishing for the big Tunas. The experienced and fishing-mad crew of "Blue Marlin" offer you varied, adrenaline-charged and professional Big Game trips on the legendary island of La Gomera, which you will not soon forget.


Depending on the season and biting times, we offer our customers trolling- or bottom fishing . We mainly fish with artificial bait/lures, but if the situation or the target fish requires it, we also go hunting with freshly caught bait fish.  


From the island's capital, San Sebastian de La Gomera , we mostly drive in the direction of Valle Gran Rey. There are particularly potent fishing grounds, especially when it comes to the Big Bluefin Tuna from March to May. The same applies between May and the end of September. During this time, large Marlins , Yellowfin Tunas and massive Bigeye Tunas all roam our fishing grounds off La Gomera's shores.

We take a maximum of 4 guests per trip , so that it will be an unforgettable fishing adventure for everyone. Of course, we also have space for one or more companions who do not want to go fishing actively. If you are interested, just contact us and we will make you an attractive offer.


But it doesn't always have to be a 350-kilogram Marlin! Off La Gomera's coasts you also have the opportunity to catch large Barracudas, enormous Amberjacks, Mahi-Mahis, Bonitos or even stately Groupers - such a diversity of species is rare to find on the Canary Islands.

We recommend that you reserve your trip very early, especially in the high season!

Important information for our customers

Out of personal conviction and to ensure the species population of the individual fish species, we put the caught fish back into their element after the drill! With us, the motto "Catch and Release" applies all year round, without exception, without compromise. We hope that you will understand!

Louis Sougné - Inhaber Blue Marlin Fishing Charter

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Details, prices, booking

With a maximum of 4 other guests, we drive from the island's capital San Sebastian de La Gomera in the direction of Playa Santiago, in order to head for the potent fishing grounds near the famous holiday resort of Valle Gran Rey. Here the sea drops to over 1500 meters deep, a paradise for all kinds of sea predators.


Depending on the season and the target fish, we mainly fish with all kinds of trolling lures. But there are also days or weeks when fishing with bait fish is more promising. Everything is possible here at any time!


The Big Game season is divided into two parts on La Gomera:

Season 1 from March to May: Bluefin Tuna, also known as Large Tuna or North Atlantic Tuna.

Season 2 from May to the end of September: Farmer Marlin, Yellowfin Tunas and Big Eye Tunas.


But even outside of the season, the catching successes are impressive! Barracuda, powerful Atlantic Bonitos, Skipjack Tunas, Mahi-Mahis, Wahoos, Wreckfish, Amberjacks and much more are part of the regular catch here.


Price day tour 8 hours

€1300.00 Nell Magic / 1200,00€ Makaira  

For the Big-Game-Boat with max. 4 persons / 8 hours

Included services:

Boat rental 8 hours


Drinks and sandwiches



9 hours of pure action

Baits / Lures

Hochseeangeln Kanaren (La Gomera)

photo gallery Big Game Tours on La Gomera (Canary Islands)

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