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Big Game Angeln Kanaren (La Gomera)

Big game fishing on La Gomera (Canaries)

Fishing on La Gomera: Adrenaline-packed Big Game trips on the Canary Islands

Big Game or deep sea fishing in the Canary Islands is the dream of every fisherman. And in contrast to the other Canary Islands, big game fishing on La Gomera is still a little insider tip . Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Bluefin Tunas, Yellowfin Tunas, Bigeye Tunas, Wahoos, Mahi-Mahis or giant Barracudas and big Amberjack - everything is possible on the second smallest Canary Island .  But of course the catch success also depends on the season. Between March and May the big Bluefin Tunas come close to shore and between May and the end of September Blue Marlins, Yellowfin Tunas and Bigeye Tunas are targeted. A real adventure, because you never know what's going to hit the hook today.


We start in the harbor of San Sebastian de La Gomera with our well-equipped and modern Big-Game boats "Nell Magic" and "Makaira" to cruise to the fishing grounds near Valle Gran Rey. High-quality brand equipment as well as well-maintained rods and reels are part of our standard, as well as a motivated and well-trained crew.


Fishing in La Gomera is an adventure - don't miss it! Captain Lui and the crew of "Blue Marlin" invite you to an unforgettable big game tour on the beautiful Canary Island of La Gomera. Trust in over 20 years of experience in the worldwide big game business!

Angeln La Gomera

Big Game fishing On the Canary Islands

On the Canary Islands - and thus also on La Gomera - there are mild temperatures all year round and it is mostly pleasantly sunny. The ideal spot for hooking big Tunas, monstrous Marlins. A number of records have been set here over the past few years.


The water depth between the Canary Islands can be up to 4000 meters and the Canary Current brings incessant food for fish and marine mammals. This brings the upflowing deep water masses of nutrients upwards. The ideal habitat for all types of fish - and therefore also for the big predators such as Tunas and Marlins .


The fish population and biodiversity are exceptionally good between the Canary Islands, even if it is becoming increasingly difficult to hook a very big Marlin .


And La Gomera in particular is a real fishing dream for most anglers - since the second smallest Canary Island does not have its own airport and the journey is a bit more difficult than to Tenerife or Gran Canaria, relatively few tourists get lost here.

Hochsee Angelrollen und Angelruten

Tuna and Marlin fishing on the Canary Islands

Most of our guests come to La Gomera to catch a big Tuna or a big Marlin.

Even if the chances of catching a Barracuda, an big Amberjack, a Wahoo or even a Grouper are relatively good all year round, the situation is somewhat different with the various Tuna species or Blue Marlins.


On La Gomera the fishing season is divided into 2 parts:

  • March to early May: Giant Bluefin Tunas

  • May to late September: Blue Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna and Bigeye Tuna

Do not miss this unique fishing adventure on the Canary Islands!

Fishing vacation in the Canary Islands

Would you also like to experience an unforgettable fishing holiday in the Canary Islands ? Then we would like to recommend the sports fishing paradise of La Gomera to you. Due to the mild climate , you can track the big robbers all year round.

We are not allowed to offer holiday packages, but we are happy to send you some accommodation offers if required and put you in contact with a transfer provider who will drive you from Tenerife Airport to your accommodation on La Gomera.

And of course, you can book the Big Game trips through us at any time!

hochseeangeln la gomera
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